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Why this conference?
With devices getting smaller and moving closer to our bodies, we carry our digital world with us everywhere. We are constantly online checking our apps, our updates, our social network.

Our digital tools have become an integral part of our self-understanding, and the relationship with our apps and devices is both personal and emotional, and it involves a great amount of trust.

Companies know that users won’t attach to a new app, share their thoughts or complete an online purchase unless the design feels personal and trustworthy. This means that companies need to design for the emotional aspect, which provides a new challenge to User experience designers and Usability specialists.

What you'll see
At the UX2016 conference, we will hear about how emotional experiences are designed for apps, the web, and for wearables. We will present a broad range of speakers from leading companies such as Google and Amazon to small startups. Our speakers will share stories about how they create user experiences that invoke trust, and help users develop a close relationship with the app, website, or product.


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